What’s the best way to sow seeds of financial responsibility?

There are many things that influence a child’s perception of money, saving and other critical concepts regarding finances. Teachers often incorporate fun activities while teaching because it is effective in making concepts stick. So why not follow this example by playing a financial game that is great for kids, teens, families and youth groups?

How many of you remember the board games Cashflow 101 Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad or Larry Burkett’s Money Matters? These budgeting games were popular for a short time and were instrumental teaching money principles, but there were drawbacks. Unfortunately, these games are hard to find and the reviews are very mixed. Many kids flee from educational games because they are often not fun. They can even seem a little cheesy.

Sowers Reap International has worked hard to bring you a new Christian board game. One that is fun, educational and kids love! Do you struggle in teaching your children why saving money is important? Or teaching them why they need to give a portion of their allowance away? The 2 Sow or Not 2 Sow board game is all about teaching God’s system of provisioning and sowing good seeds. The game is a Christian budgeting, financing, credit, banking and investment game, but the principles can easily be applied to sowing seeds in general.

2 Sow or Not 2 Sow is currently awaiting production as we are finalizing the financing to move the game forward. If you would like to help, checkout our fundraising page on FaithLaunchers.com when it is officially launched or contact us directly.

Christian board games are just for kids, right?

Our testing shows otherwise! We have organized test groups of single mothers and financial investors – all have provided excellent feedback!

We truly believe that by following God’s calling to create this game, we are empowering them to learn and follow God’s financial principles.

The funding campaign will be launched over the next month. We appreciate all of your prayers as we go through this process!


Seated in Him,

Shevon L. Sampson