Financial Prosperity and Education for Christian Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Families.

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About Us

Sowers Reap International was founded by Shevon L. Sampson, an Insurance and Retirement Consultant. After many years of financial counseling, she noticed that her Christian clients often struggled with merging worldly wealth and Biblical teaching. Shevon felt led by God to produce a method to teach money matters in a Bible-based format. That is when she embarked upon a mission to help fellow Christians prosper without sacrificing their strong commitment to the Word of God.

Through one-on-one financial counseling, rigorous Christian workshops, public appearances and now an all-ages Christian board game, Sowers Reap International has become the leader in financial coaching and strategy for Christian businesses, individuals, and families.

"We are promoting corporate and family unity and encouraging individuals to discover their purpose and potential by learning to apply God's principles in their lives." -Shevon L. Sampson