2 Sow or Not 2 Sow Board Game



Designed to move you towards being a responsible steward of the things of God, 2 Sow Or Not 2 Sow is an exciting new product from Sowers Reap International. Using the guiding principles of Christ, this board game is sure to delight players of all ages while drawing attention to Biblical life principles. Many financial board games neglect the importance of moral accountability and the values we champion in the Christian faith. 2 Sow Or Not 2 Sow is the first game of its kind to bridge this gap.

2 Sow Or Not 2 Sow is intended to promote family unity, increase financial literacy and invigorate families to children and youth with the promise of a responsible future. The board game offers parents, youth group leaders, and Sunday school teachers the unique opportunity to teach children and teens about the importance of financial responsibility coupled with Christian stewardship. Families will love bonding over this wholesome board game, and Christian youth will enjoy relaxing and playing with their friends.

As adults, we never stop needing guidance on our path with Christ–and that’s why adults love 2 Sow Or Not To Sow! Surprise your guests with this financial board game at your next party or get together and enjoy some meaningful conversation about financial morality.

From children to teenagers, young adults to retirees, this Christian board game will have everyone laughing and learning. Order your 2 Sow Or Not 2 Sow board game today!


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My kids love this game! And I love that they're learning financial responsibility through faith!

It's a lot more fun than we thought it would be!

If only 2 Sow or Not 2 Sow
was available when I was growing up. . .

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